Media Coverage of Carss Park Pool Closure, and Information Session Venue Change

On Tuesday 23rd July 2019, Georges River Council announced the CLOSURE of Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Pool at Carss Park indefinitely.

The pool was drained immediately, and it was announced that it would not reopen on 4 August 2019 as previously advised, due to leakage and river pollution concerns.  The council has previously broadcast that the pool would be closed between 22nd July and 4th August.

A public information session on the action that the Council has taken will be held on Monday 29 July at Georges River Civic Centre, Dragon Room, Corner MacMahon and Dora Streets, Hurstville from 7.00pm-8.00pm. Council says all community members are welcome to attend, but must register on the council website to be able to attend.

UPDATE:  The venue has been changed to the Marana Theatre, which is on MacMahon St, Hurstville (next to the Civic Centre).

More information, and an online form to register here;

Or contact council directly to enquire or register;
02 9330 6400

We encourage every person who has a passion for Carss Park Pool to contact the council so that they can attend next Monday night,
so that as many of us as possible can together express our dissatisfaction with the lack of communication up to this point,
and our concerns for the future of the pool.

Media coverage since the announcement;

Channel Nine News
23-07-2019 6:00pm
Some of our Save Carss Park Pool supporters, interviewed with their responses to news of the closure.

Sydney Morning Herald
23-07-2019 8:28pm
Published online by the Sydney Morning Herald about the Carss Park pool closure.  Thank you to Natalie Mort, Carss Park Pool supporter, for being available for comment on this and supplying the headline message – Absolutely devastating!

Radio Sydney 702
24-07-2019 8:00am
On Radio Sydney this morning about Carss Park Pool and other Sydney pool closures. Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck interview Mayor Kevin Greene and Save Carss Park Pool supporter Kathryn Skelsey.

The council says they are committed to three pools in the Georges River area, but does that mean they are committed to keeping Carss Park Pool at Carss Park?

Listen 2:22:30 – 2:32:50

preceded by introductory comments and messages read at 2:15:00 – 2:16:20.

Note: This audio will only be online for one week, then removed by Radio National to make way for future episodes. So listen to this one now while you can.

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