How To Help

1. Spread the Word by Sharing on Social Media
We want as many people as possible to know about the threat to the pool and what they can do about it.
Go to the URL links in the menu bar on the right and below to find your preferred way of sharing this important information on social media.  Share our posts and write your own.
Tell everyone you know, especially any clubs, businesses or community groups that you know.
Talk, phone and write to them to increase awareness.

Instagram – save.carss.park.pool

Twitter – @SaveCarssPool

Facebook Group – Save Carss Park Pool – Campaign Supporters & Action Group

Facebook Page – Save Carss Park Pool

Pass on any campaign emails you receive from to your  friends and family.

An archive of past e-newsletters can be read here.

And encourage others to subscribe to receive future email updates.

2. Sign the Petition – “Save Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Pool at Carss Park”
The petition was set up in August 2018 and attracted 2000 signatures within a fortnight.  By the end of November it had reached 4000 signatures.   Add your name and comments to the petition.  If you register your email address you’ll continue to receive updates.

The online petition is addressed to Clr Kathryn Landsberry as she was the Deputy Mayor at the time that the petition was set up, and she remains a supporter of Carss Park Pool.

There are also paper petitions circulating at local businesses, and amongst residents and swimming clubs. You can ask us for a blank copy of the paper petition, to get more people to sign, by contacting us.  We’ll also let you know where to return the completed petition pages to.

3.  Get Updates
Subscribe to our email list, follow this blog website, join our Facebook group, like our Facebook page, or make a comment on our petition, so that notifications can be sent to you whenever there are new posts about latest updates on the campaign.
Links are also in the right hand menu bar and at the bottom of each of this website’s pages.

4.  Have Your Say by Writing a Response during the Community Consultation Period, and by Writing to Councillors and Politicians

We need to indicate to Georges River Council that hundreds of people in the community want to keep Carss Park Pool, and make apparent the reasons why they do.

More information about the community consultation which closes on Sunday 7th April 2019*, and the contact details of local politicians and councillors on Georges River Council, can be found on our Have Your Say page.

5. Assist Us To Assist Others

If you have written a letter or submission, we would be very happy for you to send us a copy is you wish.  It would help us with ideas and content to formulate a proforma, to help us to help others to write their own letters or submissions.

Send your words or images to or use our Contact Us online form.

6.  Attend Events
Come to council meetings, rallies and other events
, to demonstrate your support, and meet others who also believe in this cause. Wear your goggles around your neck at  council meetings to show the councillors that we are there in force and we mean business.
Stay in the loop regarding upcoming meetings and events via the “3. Get Updates” section above.

7.  Volunteer or Become One of the Team

If you want to offer your time, skills or resources, or become part of the campaign team, then let us know how you can help with this online form;

In particular we need people who can do letterbox drops of flyers, and put up posters about the Save Carss Park Pool campaign.

8.  Give us Feedback about Your Use of Carss Park Pool

Fill out the same online survey to provide us with information about your use of Carss Park Pool, and to give us your reasons for why Carss Park Pool should be saved.  We may be able to use anonymous quotes or de-identified statistics to support our submissions and letters to help Save Carss Park Pool.

9. Join and Support Those Who Support Us

You may also like to join one of the clubs or organisations who love to swim at Carss Park Pool, or who support the survival of Carss Park Pool;
North Ramsgate Amateur Swimming Club
Carss Park Swim Club
Kogarah Bay Progress Association
Southern Sydney Swim Team

10.  Visit Carss Park Pool and Gym!

It is a beautiful open space surrounded by grass and trees, and has charming old-worlde facilities and vintage exercise equipment as a result of its 50+ years of activity. Show the council that people still love using it, while getting the benefits of a refreshing and relaxed swim or workout for yourself !

*Submission date changed to Sunday 7th April 2019 (initial submission date was 1st March)

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