In The Media

The campaign to Save Carss Park Pool has inspired a number of letters from residents and swimmers to local newspapers, and attracted TV coverage.

There is a also a long trail of media articles about the rich history of the pool, and various past council and official promises about its preservation.

We will continue to list the media coverage here as it comes to hand.  Please return to this page over coming weeks to see more information, images and links.

9 NEWS: “Iconic Local Swimming Pool Under Threat”

This TV news piece went to air on  

“There’s been 17 world champions come out of here” – Dick Caine, Swimming Coach
“Champions can still be made in this pool.” – Michelle Ford, Olympic Gold Medallist
“Swimming is part of our DNA” – Bruce Havilah, Swimming Australia Board Director

Michelle Ford - Olympic Gold Medallist comments on the future of Carss Park Pool
Michelle Ford ,  Australian Olympic Gold Medallist, comments on the future of Carss Park Pool.


Many impassioned letters have been written to the local St George and Sutherland Shire Leader newspaper over the past year by local residents and regular users of the Carss Park pool’s swimming and gym facilities.   They express sadness and concern, as well as powerful arguments for keeping the pool;



This is a wonderful article celebrating Dick Caine’s contribution to the community! Published 10 May 2017;

He was going to continue to coach at the pool –
April 2017 “Caine To Stay As Head Coach”

Sept 2015 “Pool legend Dick Caine can look back with pride”

So much has changed since then!

Now he “has finished his association with the pool” according to this article (July 2018), which is not the entire truth! There appears to have been more respect from Bayside Council than Georges River Council towards this community sports icon!

Thanks to “Bring Back Dick Caine” for supporting him!

Just search “Dick Caine” on the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader website and you’ll find so many more articles.

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