Pool closed, forever!

Pool Maintenance!
Closed indefinitely !

Suddenly, Georges River Council announced, on 23rd July 2019, that the pool, closed for maintenance, would now close permanently. The pool is to be drained of water, post haste. The GRC (Georges River Council) has attributed the blame for the closure on the EPA dictating the closure due to a persistent leak from the old pool into the Georges River, which is adjacent to the pool.
Earlier in 2019 the council received a petition of more than 10,000 signatures of people wishing to have the pool remain open and the council also allocated funds to running the pool for another season while the situation and solutions could be better explored.
Well ! ! ! ! !

Council Information Session
Monday 29/7/2019 7pm – 8pm Hurstville **

Be there to hear about the Kogarah War Memorial Pool’s future

Council has a 1 hour information session next Monday (only 5 days’ notice) at the Council’s Hurstville office (Dragon Room**) between 7pm and 8pm (Monday 29th July). From Georges River Council’s notice on their website it looks like pre-registration of intention to be at the meeting is a requirement.
Unfortunately, people who have attempted to register for this meeting have reported only failed registration attempts. So, to register, we strongly suggest using your email and sending a request to attend the meeting direct to the council on Email Georges River Council  or call the council on (02) 9330 6400.

Council’s announcement reads “Georges River Council today announced the closure of the Kogarah War Memorial Pool following direction from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)”
See Closure of Kogarah War Memorial Pool (Carss Park Pool) Link to GRC.

The Kogarah War Memorial Pool, has suffered, for many years with a subsidence issue and apparently leaking plumbing. The Pool may have also suffered from a lack of resources being allocated to it by successive administrations.
Here are some pictures showing cracks in the pool (Facebook images)

Auburn/Lidcombe Pool serves as an example of what a Council can achieve if they decide to back swimming and healthy outdoor activities by their increasingly densely populated constituencies.

Georges River Council provide for your residents aquatic exercise and fitness?

** Venue: Dragon Room, Georges River Civic Centre, Corner MacMahon and Dora Streets, Hurstville, NSW, 2220



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