Council’s Pool Survey: Comment by November 20th

Tell the council what you need and expect

Now is your opportunity to tell the Georges River Council what we want for the future of the Carss Park, Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Pool  – We want them to REBUILD in the same place.

Comment on Georges River Council’s Aquatic Facilities by 20th November 2019

Georges River Council has invited people who used the Carss Park Pool, also known as the Kogarah War Memorial Pool, to complete their online surveys and submission form so that the council can better understand the community’s expectations and needs.

The community’s responses will contribute to the completion of the council’s ‘Regional Aquatic Centre Site Assessment and Feasibility Study’.

Carss Park Pool’s future depends on the recommendations of that study.

Complete your survey today

The surveys close at 5pm on Wednesday 20th November 2019, so please complete one or more of their Aquatic Surveys by that date.

The council has four online surveys and an online written submission form about swimming pools on its website.

Please complete at least the first survey about Carss Park Pool listed below, and all others that interest you!

1. CARSS PARK POOL (Kogarah War Memorial Pool) survey link;
Georges River Council – Kogarah War Memorial Pool User Survey
Please use the ‘other’ fields where necessary to reinforce the need for a 50m outdoor and 25m indoor pool at the current site.

regarding your thoughts on CURRENT usage and issues, and FUTURE needs;
GRC Regional Aquatic Centre Site Assessment & Feasibility Study – Public Submissions 2019
This page has just 2 questions (2mins to complete!)
Question 1: What would you like to say about CURRENT aquatic facilities in the GRC area?
Question 2: What ideas or issues would you like to raise about FUTURE aquatic facilities in the GRC area?

Suggested answers to help rebuild Carss Park Pool:-

Answer 1. There is not enough capacity at Council’s two operating aquatic facilities. Council should rebuild Carss Park Pool at the same site, with a 50m outdoor and 25m indoor pool as a matter of urgency.

Answer 2. As a priority, Council should rebuild Carss Park Pool as the ‘Training facility of the South’ including a 50m outdoor pool for swim squads, competitions and elite swimmers. To make the centre financially viable, the centre should include a 25m indoor pool and other related ancillary services.

This form also enables you to say as much as you want in your own words about all the things that are important to you, or anything that may have been missed in the surveys.

regarding your thoughts on CURRENT usage and issues, and FUTURE needs;
GRC Regional Aquatic Centre Site Assessment & Feasibility Study – Aquatic Centre Usage Survey 2019

can be found on this Georges River Council information page
GRC Regional Aquatic Facility Site Suitability and Feasibility Study – Have Your Say,
which provides additional links to surveys for;
5. SANS SOUCI pools;

A link to the final report on the ‘Open Space Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy’ (12 August 2019) can also be found on that page.

You are encouraged to have all members of your family complete the surveys. Use a different computer/device/phone for each family member to complete multiple responses.

The Save Carss Park Pool community are concerned about ensuring that a suitable, at least like-for-like, swimming facility and associated health facilities, are provided for the public in Southern Sydney, on the site where the Carss Park Pool was located.

The pool was closed by the Georges River Council due to historic, unresolved engineering and maintenance problems in July 2019.  See our earlier blog posts for more information about the closure.

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