Jubilee Stadium is No Place for the Pool

WARNING: The council want to move Carss Park Pool next to JUBILEE STADIUM.
PLEASE OPPOSE THIS NOW, even if you have already written to council.


If you still need guidance to write your response to council about this, or you would like to send additional comments to council before the deadline next Sunday 7th April, about the best location for Carss Park Pool, the Kogarah Bay Progress Association Inc have made some excellent points here; https://kogarahbayprogress.org.au/open-space-recreation-and-community-facilities-strategy

Further comments by Beverley Park Trees & Fence Objection Group;   https://www.facebook.com/groups/160450397992830/permalink/314074782630390/

You can read about the proposed move of the pool to a “Regional Sporting Hub” on Kogarah Park – the park next to Jubilee Stadium – on the following pages of the draft Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy – p10-11, 108, 167-168, 182, 188, 207, 209.

On page 188 the council recommends that “Preliminary analysis suggests that a 50m pool may fit within the site”, and on p 209 perhaps a 25m pool . This is debatable, and there probably wouldn’t also be room for a water polo pool or other aquatic facilities, or car parking to cater for them.

The streets in this area would be far too congested, especially when big games are playing at the stadium. It would reduce access to the pool for the local community on those days.

If multiple sporting activities are happening at once, then it will probably not be a pleasant experience for anyone trying to attend them.   We would like to know why there is a trend towards developing “sporting hubs” across the Georges River area  (eg. Penshurst Park Sporting Hub*), which actually promote congestion at these points.

The school across the road, and local residents, may not be happy with increased traffic, or with seeing Kogarah Park being overtaken by another use.  Currently Carlton South Public School use Kogarah Park for some of their physical education activities, because they have limited grounds of their own. The playground on Kogarah Park is a valuable recreation space for local children.

It is interesting to note that Jubilee Stadium features on the front page of the draft strategy (see the picture below).  Council certainly seems to have something in mind for this location.

The proposed move depends on the outcomes of the upcoming “Suitability and Feasibility Study” of Carss Park Pool, which is scheduled for mid 2019.

Other comments about council’s draft strategy can be found here;

Please make sure to comment on your OPPOSITION TO THE JUBILEE RELOCATION, otherwise council will start to put the wheels in motion to make this happen.

Once the council locks it into a “Masterplan” for Carss Park and other parks in the area, the DA’s are very difficult to stop.

“Things like this always start off in some obscure report like this. Residents need to speak up now against them to stop any momentum.”

(*Penshurst Park is an example of this. In 2015 there was a small amount of ‘community consultation’ about a Masterplan for this originally grassy park. Residents didn’t realise the extent of the changes. Two DA’s later, and it is now going to be covered with artificial turf and buildings this year.)

Make your submission or send an additional email here now;



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