Jubilee Stadium is No Place for the Pool

WARNING: The council want to move Carss Park Pool next to JUBILEE STADIUM. PLEASE OPPOSE THIS NOW, even if you have already written to council. IT MAY APPEAR THAT WE HAVE SAVED CARSS PARK POOL'S EXISTENCE, BUT WE ALSO NEED TO KEEP IT WHERE IT IS. If you still need guidance to write your response … Continue reading Jubilee Stadium is No Place for the Pool

Council UNANIMOUSLY support ongoing funding for Carss Park Pool in 2019/20

We presented over 10,700 signatures (the total of our online and paper petitions) at Georges River Council’s March Monthly Meeting on Monday night in front of a large crowd of supporters; an OUTSTANDING achievement ! Jessica Iuliano of Save Carss Park Pool Campaign Team spoke and presented the petition, including drawings by infants students from […]