Consultation Period Extended to April!

The submission deadline for feedback on Council’s draft Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy has been extended to midnight on Sunday 7th April.

This news was announced this evening on the Georges River Council’s Facebook page, and can be verified by visiting their website;

The announcement today (19-02-2019) comes only 10 days before the date of the original submission deadline of 1st March 2019.  It will provide 37 more days for the community to provide their feedback to the council on the draft strategy.

This will give our campaign more opportunity to gather support for Carss Park Pool, to read over the document more thoroughly, and to send more co-ordinated messages to the council.

We encourage you to take the time to have a closer look at all the changes that are proposed in the draft strategy document.  You may be surprised at how many other aspects will also affect you, such as changes to local libraries and green space. With a growing population it is not fair for the council to be proposing to take any of these away, and if ‘upgrades’ are proposed, then they need to be practicable, sustainable and acceptable.

We don’t know why the consultation period has been extended, but it is still important to send a submission to council within this new deadline.

Have Your Say! by 7th April

We will provide more information here as it becomes available.

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