Now Is The Time, Write Today!

Time is running out
7th April**, submissions close

If you’ve been thinking and meaning to write to the Georges River Council about their Draft Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy.
Maybe making a submission sounds hard. Maybe trying to decide the perfect wording to impress the council, worries you in the night.
Well, time is short, Now is the time for all good men (and women, and children) to come to the aid of the ‘Save Carss Park Pool’ team.

Popup Stall No 5

Thursday, 21st Feb at Hurstville Library, 5:50 pm – 7:30 pm.
Come along and ask the council officers all about the Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities they’re planning for the Georges River Council area.
The Council is trying to plan for our, our children’s and our grandchildren’s play, sharing and recreation areas.

Your thoughts, concerns and preferences are important

Trying to write to the council about your Open Space, Swimming, Football, Cricket and sports fields might seem hard, but once you start, write it down and then use the Council submission form write to the council to let the council, the mayor and councillors and the council officers what you prefer for our open spaces.
Now is the time for all good swimmers to come to the aid of the pool !

Ways to get you message through

Council submissions can be:-
by submission form;
by letter in the post; (Georges River Council PO Box 205 Hurstville BC 1481)
by email; (
or delivered in person to the council at Hurstville* or Kogarah*

Will the pool close?

Council is reported to be closing the Carss Park Pool, aka the Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool, after the 2018 – 2019 summer swimming season. That puts the time when our Pool could be closed forever, very close.
Today, Write to the council, Please

Will the pool be closed after 19,500 odd days in continual use? That’s about 54 years.
Now is the time for all good swimmers to come to the aid of the pool !

Another Aquatic facility is needed before Carss Park Pool is closed, Please?
Write Today, Have your say, Please

Do you need ideas about what to write?

Visit our Facebook group to see what others have written in their letters to politicians and the council.

Visit our online petition to see the comments that others have written.  Copy and paste what resonates for you.
No matter how large or small, every submission counts, so even a couple of short sentences will be enough to count!

Do you want the pool to be saved because of;
– its history and cultural heritage (Olympic heroes and RSL memorial) and the memories you have of using it,
– its community value for health, well-being, and social connection (training squads, swimming clubs, swimming carnivals, simply relaxing on a sunny afternoon etc)
– its connection to the rest of beautiful Carss Bush Park, and the environmental impact of alternatively over-running such a sensitive space with car-parking and too many other facilities.

Send your letters and responses before the close of business on Sunday 7th April 2019.**

* Georges River Service Centre
Address: Corner MacMahon and Dora Streets, Hurstville 2220

* Kogarah Library and Service Centre
Address: Kogarah Town Square, Belgrave Street, Kogarah 2217

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