Rally Update – 19th Jan 2019

3pm today
Come to the Rally
at Carss Park Pool


Help save Carss Park Pool, the Kogarah War Memorial Pool

Chris Minns (Kogarah State MP)
Mark Coure (Oatley State MP)
Dick Caine (legendary swimming coach)
speak about what the pool means to them
and ask them your questions.

Council swimming pools are important social and health-giving facilities for the community. Many community members use pools keeping fit, active and safe in the water.

Carss Park Pool must be saved.
We need the council’s committment and state support for its survival.
All of the community need to make sure this happens

Hosted by “Save Carss Park Pool” team.

Where: Carss Park Pool, Carwar Avenue, Carss Park
Google maps Carss Park Pool

When: 3pm Saturday, 19th January 2019

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