NRASC at Carss Park Pool, Carss Park 2221

NRASC (North Ramsgate Amateur Swimming Club) members want to ‘Save Carss Park Pool’, ‘The Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool’ at Carss Park 2221, and are very keen to maintain their use of the local swimming centre.

Here is a message of support from the NRASC:

“The Kogarah War Memorial Swimming Pool, Carss Park has been the home pool for the North Ramsgate ASC since 2001.

North Ramsgate Swimming Club use the Carss Park Pool regularly both in the summer season and winter season. Like other suburban swimming clubs, North Ramsgate ASC need a 50 metre outdoor pool for race events and training, enjoyment and general promotion of safe swimming.NRASC-Logo

We’re always welcome at the pool and we cooperatively share the pool with other users and groups, whether they are lap swimmers, swimmers practicing for school carnivals or scuba-diving expeditions, or gym users who’ve done a weights or cardio workout.

NRASC applauds the ‘Save Carss Park Pool’ fraternity
North Ramsgate encourages people who are interested in keeping such a healthy, aerobic fitness-focused facility open, or better still replaced with a modern community swimming facility for the use of local people and visitors alike, be they champion swimmers or novices or kiddies in ‘Learn to Swim’ classes, or the many local primary schools and secondary schools who use the pool for swimming lessons and carnivals.

Stay in touch with the ‘Save Carss Park Pool’ group
We have set up a new page on our NRASC website to support the ‘Save Carss Park Pool’ campaign by passing on the word, and reinforcing the importance of preserving Carss Park Pool for the swimming clubs and other groups that use the pool and gym.

Visit the NRASC’s Save the pool webpage, visit the Save the Carss Park Pool page on Facebook, and visit Carss Park Pool and Gym website.

You can also follow the Save Carss Park Pool progress by joining Save the Carss Park Pool mailing list, using the Follow button on this page, or on Instagram or Twitter. “

Thank you to the NRASC for your words of support, and for publishing links to the Save Carss Park Pool on your website for more people to see;


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