Carss Park Pool on the Council Agenda

In mid-November 2018 the Community and Culture Standing Committee of the Georges River Council considered the recommendation to approve the release of the draft Open Space Strategy report for public exhibition and comment on December 3rd 2018.  We took the opportunity to speak about Carss Park Pool as one of those open spaces. One of our group, Ilknur Bayari (who was part of the Build Bexley Pool campaign and is a current member of the North Ramsgate Amateur Swimming Club which regularly uses the pool) presented an excellent speech to begin to highlight to the council that the community wants the pool and gym to be preserved.2018.11.12_Save_Carss_Park_Pool_Speech_Comm_Culture_SC_GRC_MtgThis week, on Monday 26th November 2018,  the whole council was required to vote on the Community and Culture Standing Committee’s recommendations, so we all attended again, and Louiza Cassimatis ( the eighteen year old daughter of one of the club’s members, Mary Cassimatis) gave another inspiring speech which you can watch from 1:02:05 to 1:05:00 here.
She did a sterling job!2018.12.01_LouizaC_Speech_Georges_River_Council_Meeting_26-11-2018-1The release of the draft report was approved by the councillors at that meeting, so we are likely to see links to the report, and any other documents, on the council website by Monday December 3rd 2018.  That will be our opportunity to make our voices heard about how much we value the pool and what the council should do about it.  Everybody will have until Sunday 7th April* to have their say.  We strongly encourage you to write even just a few sentences to the council before that date.  We need the council to hear as many of our voices as possible.

Council Meeting Agenda, Monday 26th November 2018

CCL068-18 Record of the Community and Culture Committee – Meeting held on 12 November 2018

which recommended that this draft report be placed on public exhibition;
COM050-18 Draft Georges River Council Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy – public exhibition

Interestingly you can already read it here;
There may also be other related documents that will also be released for comment during the exhibition and submission period.

#SaveCarssParkPoolandGym #KogarahWarMemorialOlympicPool

*Submission date changed to Sunday 7th April 2019 (previously it was 1st March)

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